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Feltoohlala's blog

Kim, first butterfly of the spring!

I was requested to acccomplish a little girl's portrait who loves butterflies, flowers , pink, a real little girl.

Having a five years old myself, I could quite imagine the world she lives in!

Little Kim was created around easter, when late snow and cold still stormed in Hungary,(we made snow bunny in the form of a snow man) but not for long. Soon, the sun rose, and warmthed it all, and the little fairy can fly to her home.

Farewell Kim! May your dreams remain sweet and good.










I love creating dolls on request, even though it means so much more stress.

Thank you Justine for the journey.



In the meanwhile, I am still working really hard on new tall dolls , and have also got one ready but still have work on the stand , the pics and so on...so I will keep posted soon . she will be a bit of surprise I think, very whimsy! :)



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