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inspiration and a new doll.

hard to say what  inspires me...

Often , it is a simple piece of fiber. It is the way it started all too!

There are so intricate and extraordinary feels and touch! I really gave my first try at wool because I saw that fiber, and wanted to explore its possibilities.


And so, I created my first doll in needle felt, back in 2010.



Not much yet...and I certainly did not know I would never stop creating new ones ever since!


But here, I dare to show you something I made when I was a small kid, might have been 7 or 8, and just studied the basics in knitting.

I grabbed pieces of wool I found , no matter the colors, (that is what there was), simple design. :)



See? Told you! It is something I had long in me....doll and fiber.

(The funny is, that I did travel all around the world and lost about every thing I ever owned, and yet , this little doll pops out every few time or so, among stuffs,  always there, never dropped, and my children love to play with her, even though she is scaringly ugly!)


But what of the human figures? I am making dolls, often young women or girls, sometimes with an animal friend.

That is a complex thing to explain!

Human figure is probably quite extraordinary to explore, because it is so improper in term of efficiency as for the body...that is fragile, awkward, unbalanced...very far from the ones of certain animals or plants.

Yet, I always strongly felt the interaction betweeen everything , how much we are strongly linked to each other, basically made from the SAME stuff.

And it does not stop here, I can also feel the same kinship with a stone or a plant, and the very air we breath,... Up to a point it hurts sometimes, or rather, my heart feels overwhelmed.



And so, if we are made of dust, may it be star dust, all of it!



And I kind of like it, using an organic material to work with , a matter that is used for the life of the body, the hair, when it is on, or when it is used to cover our body or our home for warmth.

But to use it for the soul.





I would like to capture a bit of that little space in our humanity that places us among objects (and beings) in a complex and very intricate organisation (as intricate as my needle felted fibers!), and because we are aware, we can feel the intelligency in what we call world and universe,in its purpose , but also THE LOVE in the purpose. And the joy, the humor that sparkles.

And so my creations are simple, often direct, not trying to say much more than to touch this little part of each of us that is untouched by others, and where we feel and are standing so lonely after all. Like when we dream.


I wish my dolls not as decorative nor illustrative as strong their soul is.

They are not pretty, really not,  but their meaning is, eventually.

It is up to you, the stuff your dreams are made of.



Mine are made of wool and silk and cotton..., and a bit of soul too.

Star dust. Humanity as it should be, a friend said to me once.

 I try.The process itself is a journey, a dialogue. 

And I hope this is where I meet you who watch my pieces, so the journey is less lonely, so we can stand up strong, yet humble.




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