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Art Doll Contest in Russia




I am so excited and a bit sad to become a nominee for the Pandora Platinium World Art Doll Contest in Moscow!

The event will take place on saturday the 8th, with a banquet in the evening in a prestigious palace hotel in the russian capital.

Already, a lot of wonderful doll artists gathered on the list, it is altogether so intimidating and motivating.

Of course, russian dolls are so exquisite and prove magnificent crafting technics as well as storytelling skills.

I applied at the last minute with "Muse", in the very afternoon of the inscription closure, and few days ago was the selection made already, so everything is all of a sudden for me.

And this is also why I  also feel so sorry to part from the event right here, as I won't be able to be present in Moscow nor to send the doll in such a small time (less than a week). I unfortunately do not know anybody who would make the trip and represent me there going from Budapest on friday ... ahhh.

But I feel that my needle felted doll is , if at all,  considered as an accomplished art doll by specialists, and good enough to be in such event, and that is so very rewarding.

You can follow the contest here on their facebook page (and show me support if you like)  (I know it is all in russian! Make the google translate sweat!): https://www.facebook.com/PandoraPlatinum.




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