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Rooi as in rooibos

This is my new little pixie doll Rooi.




I had to question and needed inspiration to have her named that way... collegues and friends, each giving the naming a different aspect of the doll to show, how interesting for me to see from the outside!

There was a lot of rose shaded names, and even more beautiful and poetic finds.

There was a little debate on wether she was a nerdy librarian or outdoorsy lover...

Well I think she is both ! Made her a little herbalist set, as a pixie on its way through the land to collect and name should have.... I am no miniaturist, but I enjoy adding together a few bits and findings repurposed as a smalll scale item for a doll.





How content this one is!

 I enjoyed creating her expression, having closed eyed with a smile glowing through her skin for the sun light.

Because a pixie just knows how valuable each ray is, early in the spring, to collect energies and good strength.




And so I called her Rooi, like in rooibos, the tea..

 I really wanted her colours to appear and hear in the name as well as much as her likings...the call of the land, the clean space with bright light, and some revigorating and soothing emotion too.

South africans, this probably speaks to you! Are there any pixies running through your fields?



Let's keep dreaming!



(As usual this pixie has a lot of pictures in her flickr album and is listed on etsy.

Have a look clicking on the links!




On the shelf today, + new slippers for Blanche

Pixies tend to travel a lot... I decided it would be nice to take regularly photographs as a group as it forms and unfolds on my working table... as long as I am doing pixies!

So here you go for this week group picture:

You have Sugar, (travelling to France, today), Blanche, Spume, Thistle, and two new comers, Roois and the last one, probably Tea or Tess (but more about them at a later date, I will show in detail then)



Aren't they sweet and cute all in a row?!

Also it is informative, I see that Sugar is so tiny while Thistle is babyish.

It tells very much about their personalities too, and show how unique a little soul each pixie is, on its very own way.


And, as I was preparing for the photo shooting when I took Blanche from her box,  I felt she really needed some kind of shoe. And so I immediately complied and made her a pair of slippers, with a piece of pink satin ribbon and white lace.

 Oh, is  she happy now, and more relaxed! And so am I.

 I probably should not go back working on  previous works that are done...but I can't help loving and spoiling these babies so much!

That is what she looks like now (and I will upgrade her etsy listing too) :













Why so sad little fairy?

For fairy lovers, this is my first take on it!






This little one is indeed much fragile and even tinier than my regular pixies.

I managed to felt her wings on and I am quite happy with the result I must say, for the colors blend well, and are the exact tones  her eyes have.

 I wish they would be more delicate or transparent even, though I like the intensitiy of their colour and that they are felted over a very fine armature to bend.




Why the sadness....surely nothing lasting, like summery showers are. The cry is already over and she is in the warmth and the release of the afterward, with one more tear perling down the eyelashe still.

Or, is it more serious? Did she realise she was born in the times of dark fairytales and cannot find her match?

Nevertherless she will need comfort and warmth in her new home! I hope you like her! Her name is Sugar.


As usual you can see more picture on her flickr album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/feltoohlala/sets/72157651284447305/

and she will be available on etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/people/feltoohlala







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